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Department Information

The Home Health practice is heavily regulated which impacts both the agency and physician that will be ordering and caring for a home health patient. Union Hospital (UH) Home Health is a skilled agency which accepts and cares for patients who are medically unstable, recovering from an acute exacerbation of their disease or returned home from an in-patient stay in a facility. Custodial care patients are referred to non-skilled agencies in the community. Physicians and UH Home Health achieve the best patient outcomes when we work in a collaborative manner to provide a level of care that prevents re-hospitalization and improves the patient's ability to self-manage their disease or condition. Completion of orders certifying the patient's need for home care must be signed by the physician. In addition, interim orders that are communicated to the home care staff during the patient's episode with the agency must also be signed by the physician. Federal law prohibits anyone other than a physician from signing these documents for home care. All orders need to be signed and returned to the home health department within 30 days.

Most patients must be homebound to receive our services and the physician is required by federal regulation to certify that circumstances exist that prevent the patient from leaving their home without assistance or a taxing effort. The face to face (F2F) is a federally regulated form that must be completed by the physician for every Medicare and Medicaid patient receiving care from a home care agency. Unfortunately the agency cannot complete this form for the physician - we are happy to provide education and assistance in understanding the form. UH Home Health takes pride in being named to Home Care Elite for several years and of the patient outcomes that we have been achieving. We will do whatever we can to accommodate the individual physician to achieve good patient outcomes and physician satisfaction with the process.

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