Inpatient Nursing Units

A warm welcome from the Inpatient Nursing Units! Our philosophy is to provide excellent, quality care to our patients in a comfortable, healing environment.

Contact Information

Vice President of Nursing
Office: 330-343-3311 ext. 2407

Nurse Director of Medical Services
Office: 330-343-3311 ext. 2576

Nurse Director of Surgical Services
Office: 330-343-3311 ext. 2493

Department Information

Intensive Care Unit

Union Hospital Intensive Care Unit staff care for our most vulnerable, critical medical/surgical patients. Our ICU staff maintains ACLS and Stroke certifications. Staff excels in skills such as assessments, bedside procedures, and resuscitation assistance if needed. They respond to Code Blue and Code Green events throughout our hospital. The ICU staffing ratios are 1 RN : 2 patients. Patients in our ICU may have highly complex needs which require continuous cardiac monitoring, hemodynamic monitoring, titration of vasoactive and vasodilator medications, mechanical ventilation, suctioning, hemodialysis, frequent nursing and ancillary service intervention, and other specialized equipment and/or procedures. We are supported by superior ancillary assistance and top-of-the-line equipment.

Manager of ICU/SD
Direct Line: 330-364-0893
In-House Extension: 2227

Step Down Unit

Our Step Down staff also maintains ACLS and Stroke certifications and is oriented for ICU backup. This staff excels in rapid patient turnover as they experience the highest admission and transfer rates. The staff provides specialized and continuous attention for medical /surgical patients with telemetry needs, high acuity monitoring related to patient condition, interventions, or IV medications, and/or high level respiratory interventions. One RN is assigned 4-5 patients on our SD Unit.

Manager of ICU/SD
Direct Line: 330-364-0893
In-House Extension: 2227

Medical Unit

Our Medical Unit staff maintains BLS and cares for a diverse medical/surgical patient population. The staff specializes in patient discharge preparedness as they tout the highest discharge rates within our hospital. Staff works collaboratively with Care Management for identifying patient discharge needs. Patient discharge phone calls are completed on all return-to-home patients to assist in their transition of care. The nurse-patient ratio on the Medical Unit is 1:6.

Manager of Medical
Direct Line: 330-365-3822
In-House Extension: 3201

Surgical Telemetry Unit

Our Surgical Telemetry Unit staff maintains an ACLS certification due to their 8 telemetry monitoring capabilities. The Surgical staff works closely with our Surgery team, providing comprehensive care to our pre- and post-operative patients who have need of, or undergone general surgery, gynecology, oral, colorectal, orthopaedic, and/or urological procedures. Nurses, along with Physical Therapy and Care Management, play an integral role in patient discharge preparedness. The nurse-patient ratio is 1:5-6 on our Surgical Unit.

Manager of Surgical
Direct Line: 330-365-3847
In-House Extension: 3301


The Obstetrical Unit consists of 17 postpartum beds, 20 newborn nursery cribs, 6 labor rooms, 2 OR suites and 2 bay PACU. The unit is a secured unit that requires either a code that can be entered in the key pad or assistance from a staff member. All nurses are ACLS, NRP, and fetal monitor certified. Many also hold certifications in Inpatient OB. We do just under 700 deliveries a year and also see about 2500 outpatients per year. We will also have pregnant patients that are admitted after surgery for monitoring and other admitted patients for pregnancy complications.

Manager of Obstetrics
Office: 330-343-3311 ext. 2193


The Pediatric Unit is staffed with PALS trained nurses who have a passion to provide caring and compassionate care for our young patients. The patients, less than 17 years old, require comprehensive, age-specific care that necessitates close observation, frequent nursing assessment and ancillary service involvement. We provide patient care to both medical and surgical patients.

Manager of Pediatrics
Office: 330-343-3311 ext. 2193

Patient Admissions/Observations

Patient Admissions/Observations to Union Hospital occur primarily through the Emergency Department, however, direct admits and accepted transfers from outside facilities are also options. The Nursing Shift Supervisor, reachable through the Hospital operator, is the common element in receiving patient room assignment. We attempt to provide private rooms to our patients whenever possible but do have a variety of private and semi-private accommodations.

Important Considerations for Patient Admissions/Observations:

  • Admission versus Observation status
  • Medication reconciliation
  • DVT prevention
  • CPOE order sets
  • Disease specific pathways
  • Restraints: type, indication, time limited, renewals

Notable Equipment Available:

  • Difficult Airway Cart: glidescope
  • Rapid Infuser
  • EV 1000 for SvO2 monitoring
  • Capnography
  • Artic Sun hypo/hyperthermia management
  • Temperature sensing foley catheter
  • Neurology telemedicine connection with Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  • GE portable ultrasound for bedside procedures
  • Spacelab monitoring throughout hospital
  • Temporary Pacer equipment
  • Arterial line monitoring
  • Central Line set ups
  • Chest tube systems
  • Bladder scanner
  • Wound vac

Patient Safety Processes:

  • Code Blue (Cardiovascular Resuscitation): Respondents include Critical Care RN, ED Physician, Respiratory Therapist, Security Officer, Nursing Shift Supervisor
  • Code Green: (Rapid Response): Respondents include Critical Care RN and Respiratory Therapist

Contracted Patient Care Services:

  • Dialysis
  • PICC line when in-house procedure is unavailable

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